Storytelling is the bases of human connection. Audio-visual storytelling has unparalleled imapact. We came together as independent  filmmakers, researchers and media professionals to tell inspiring stories that engage, inspire and empower the public using different mediums.  


We produce, promote and publish various audio visual media. Mainly documentary films but also photography essays, audio podcasts and short feature films. In addition to educational and informational videos and oral history documentation. We design our own web spaces to host our work and organize screenings, lectures and exhibitions. 



We take full ownership of the story. It becomes our own and we try to communicate it with every mean we can. We use every storytelling technical to reach the wides audience and make sure the story lives on.Our work is designed to inspire and enlighten, to evoke compassion, challenge the status quo, dispel stereotypes and root out misinformation


We work in partnership with the community. We invest time in our research and with our subjects. Through our strong networks with NGOs and media outlets we are able to promote and distribute our content effectively and bring the much-needed attention to our stories.